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Marleen Bos is a photographer with a wide range of interests and work experience. She produces portrait, product or report with equal passion. Marleen works mainly from intuition and feeling. Her strongest point is the unpredicted composition and a strong sense of colour combinations and atmosphere. A keen passion of hers is outdoors photography. This is a great inspiration for her commercial work.

Through her wide commercial experience she is well able to satisfy the demands and wishes of her client. Marleen believes strongly in cooperation and is open to ideas and input, though she is very capable to complete the entire project for the client by herself.

As a no-nonsense person who perseveres when required, she quickly adapts and delivers what one would expect. She works together with several contemporaries where many ideas and trends are shared. Her foundation for partnership is integrity and trust.

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Latest news

donderdag 16 oktober 2014

So, I guess everyone has a bucket list, right? Well if you don't have one yet, then you should! I checked one of the things that was on mine: Indian Summer in New England!

dinsdag 19 augustus 2014

Beachclub Deining in Castricum had a complete interior restyling this season and for that reason I visited the beach at Bakkum last week, obviously this new "Ibizian" style had to be captured, to set the mood! We picked a perfect day for it... See for your self!

woensdag 07 mei 2014

Two weeks ago I did a very special shoot for Eblouissante, designer of beautiful Moroccan caftans. These caftans are not just dresses, but very exclusive creations made with a lot of care and eye for detail. Curious? Check it out...